Together, we can help consumers to consume better. 
As a curious Brand Designer I love seeing design opportunities and finding solutions that maximize healthy and sustainable consumption. It should be easy and fun for consumers to make conscious shopping decisions. Together, we can help consumers to consume better. 
Driven by insights, I see your possibilities. Solution-oriented, I’m building your identity. Innovative, I’m helping you with strategy and design. You are an innovator, a brand owner, CEO, CMO and need a creative business partner. Best match if you are in food tech and food and want to change the food system. I’m helping you to identify your core brand values, to define and communicate them. To create your unique story of sustainable success and sharing it so that consumers choose your better option. 
You want to renew or launch a brand or product. You are responsible for a company, brand or product who wants to sell more healthily and sustainably. You want to achieve sustainable goals and have or work for quality- and value-oriented companies.
I am helping you with
·  exploring new sustainable opportunities.
·  making the brand and product feeling attractive and relevant.
·  getting the whole concept to keep the communication together.
·  increasing the number of happy and health-conscious customers.
·  getting a sharp position in the market.
·  leading your FMCG-project from strategy and concept development to implementation.
·  distinguishing.
·  making your brand attractive and managing it over time.
By means of
·  brand audit, evaluation.
·  benchmarking.
·  customer insights, segmentation.
·  strategies, values and concepts.
·  a visual identity that probably contain solutions for logo, colors, fonts and design elements.
·  design of identity carriers such as packaging and digital platforms.

With solid experience from the entire design process, I see the potential in the process. Using creative tools and methods that change, simplify, improve and deliver. Am artistic and curious. Loving to find strategic solutions together with other experts and leaders in interdisciplinary teams. Doing it best in creative and joyful environments. Since I am very structured and solution-oriented, I like to set smart goals.

I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden, working international.
Shortly after my visual communication studies at the German art college Kunsthochschule Kassel and my Masters degree at the Institution of Graphic Design & Illustration at Konstfack, the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm (2002), I worked as a freelance graphic designer/art director. In 2005 I completed my apprenticeship as a creative producer at the Institution of Arts, Culture and Communication (K3), Malmö University. In addition, I gained experience in the role of project leader when working with the project group „Livskompaniet“ (2005).

When working for Gabor Palotai Design, Sandberg Trygg and Beithan Hessler I was involved in the creation of websites, books, advertisements and annual reports for clients such as publishing company Arvinius Förlag, Gontard & Metallbank, Bona Kemi, Malmö Stad, Akzo Nobel and Awapatent.

With a love for sustainable and healthy food, interest in different foods and trends I started to work with Renée Voltaire and laid out her cookbook in 2010. Then I was offered employment at her company. Starting my employment at Renée Voltaire AB in 2010 was also the beginning of working with FMCG, sustainability and food & beverage. Passionate about my job I continued working with sustainable FMCG and retail now at Naty AB from 2015 until July 2019. 
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