Looking for ways to improve the performance of your sustainable and healthy brand?
In these times of evolving brand expectations – 62% of global citizens trust brands over their governments – new players are constantly appearing to compete for attention and luckily more sustainable and healthy solutions are competing with old ones. How do you keep your brand alive? How do you reduce your impact on the environment? How do you ensure your digital customers' experiences and sales in a sustainable way? What do you need to do? 

How competitive is your brand?
The value of a strong, active and present brand is the very key to customers' interest, trust and demand. 
A strong brand is what stands behind each successful product. Help Lama’s Global New Product Innovation Survey discovered that nearly 54% of people prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them, and 39% say they are ready to purchase a product if it comes from a brand they like. Are you really sure about your brand’s competitiveness? How can you future-proof your brand and packaging?
Who are the new players competing for attention?
What is that so important? Otherwise, competitors will sooner or later take over the market. So how do you keep your brand’s relevance alive? How do you find out? 
Benchmarking may be the solution.
Benchmarking is a great way of identifying areas for improvement and innovation. 
Create your picture of how your competitors are perceived. And try to find out what needs, driving forces and behaviors are on the market.
Find your relevant and realistic position for the future and describe the strategically most important target group for your brand.
Give your brand a personality. Find your purpose and formulate your core values. Core values lead the way for the desired position.
Create your action plan with actions that reflect your brand's personality. An organization that is fast from word to deed creates a living brand. It is about being active and present with your target group.
Have you analysed? Identified? Defined? Activated? Which step have you recently taken? Which step remains? How do you want people to feel? 
Do you think it’s simple?
Whether benchmarking sounds simple for you or not I can make it easier for you. As an experienced and honest consultant I get the insights and have the tools and creativeness to lift up your brand for more sustainable and healthy business. Contact me and we will find a setup that suits you and your organization perfectly.
Opportunity awaits. Are you ready?
I give you the opportunity to meet online or in Stockholm for an introduction of your company and brand. Based on that, see how you can strengthen your brand both strategically and visually. Whether you need to take action or not. 
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